#22: Bittersweet: How To Make Money On A Housing Market Crash – Andrew Baker

#22: Bittersweet: How To Make Money On A Housing Market Crash – Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker is an INCREDIBLY successful self-taught investor based in Sydney. During the day he specialises in building machine learning at global firm Accenture; by night he’s trading cryptocurrency, ASX stocks and NASDAQ derivatives. He began his investing journey after seeing the Global Financial Crisis unfold around him, and he hasn’t looked back since. Although we can’t give over too many details about Andrew, we can say: watch this space!

Andrew is a strident critique of mania, bubbles, and the latest incarnation of lemming-like behaviour in financial markets: the Australian housing market. Like another guest and friend of the pod, Steve Keen, Andrew believes Australia is hurtling towards a crash by the end of the decade. Dismal news, yes, but now is not the time to bury your head in the sand! If you want to understand WHY this bubble is likely to burst, and how you can not only protect yourself and your family but PROFIT from this rare event, this fascinating discussion is made for you. Andrew is a true practitioner, not a talking head or policy sheep, and his money is always where his mouth is.


Show notes: 

– APRAs Policy Hand Brake: Further measures to reinforce sound measures of mortgage lending practices 
– Michael Burry Youtube Clip 
– Ray Dalio ($164 Billion under management) on How Economics Works
– UBS Report On How F*cked We Are

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Marc Cohodes – @AlderLaneeggs

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