#27: Not If, When – Jonathan Tepper

In Part 3 of our Property Series we consult the ‘housing bubble whisperer’, Jonathan Tepper (@jtepper2). He is the founder of research house Variant Perception, which provides macroeconomic advice to the biggest hedge funds in the world. Jonathan successfully predicted the Irish, Spanish, and US housing bubbles before they all spectacularly burst. He is a Rhodes Scholar, former Bank of America VP of Proprietary Trading, and founded and exited a media company, Demotix. Jonathan also co-authored two best-selling books, Endgame: The End of the Debt SuperCycle and Code Red, a book on unconventional monetary policy.

Jonathan has now turned his attention to Australia. He believes Australia’s housing market will crash very soon. In this episode, we explore the psychological nature of what drives bubbles, how to predict a crash using key leading indicators, and why Australia is currently experimenting with one of the biggest housing bubbles in history.

Show Notes:

– Betel.org
– Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World – Rene Girard
– Manias, Panics, and Crashes – Charles Poor Kindleberger
– Boomerang – Michael Lewis
– Building Approvals (ABS)
– Check out the ABS App if you really want to nerd out (we did & do)
– Jonathan’s website: www.jonathan-tepper.com

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