#32: Will the Real Stoicism Please Stand Up – Margaret Graver

Stoicism, an ancient philosophy invented by the Greeks and developed by the Romans, is back in fashion. From author Ryan Holiday, to philosopher Alain de Botton and podcaster Tim Ferriss, Stoicism is being acclaimed as “an operating system for life”. But what is it? And is the modern take true to the original stoicism practiced by late Romans like Seneca and the emperor Marcus Aurelius?

Margaret Graver, one of the world’s leading scholars on stoicism, has the answers. Margaret is the Aaron Lawrence Professor of Classics at Dartmouth College. She has written one of the most important academic book’s on the topic, Stoicism and Emotion. With Margaret we settle the questions: What is the ‘real stoicism’ practised by the ancients? And how we should we live today?

Show Notes:
– Stoicism and Emotion, Margaret Graver
– Philosophy, The Stoics: Alain de Botton
– Gregory Hays edition of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius – Amazon Booktopia

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