17th Selected Links

1 min read

Some links to things I've been reading or watching that you might also enjoy:

1. 'Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?', a video of Roger Penrose (years before he won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics).

2. Extracts from Winston Churchill's 1925 budget speech, discussing the gold standard as then Chancellor of the Exchequer.

3. 'The Total Return to Residential Real Estate' in this new paper, the authors (one of them a former guest of the podcast) use data on tens of thousands of actual property yields and housing sales from unexplored archives in Paris (1809-1943) and Amsterdam (1900-1979). They find that real net total returns are 4% for Paris and 4.8% for Amsterdam and come entirely from rental yields. (OUP inadvertently uploaded an old version of the paper. The latest version will be available in a couple of days - or you can email me for a copy.)

4. 'Is Science Slowing Down?', a classic article from the excellent Slate Star Codex.

5. 'Verbal Disputes', a relatively obscure article by Australian philosopher David Chalmers that has had an outsized influence on my thinking.

Have a nice weekend,