Weekend Reading & Selected Links

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Happy weekend! Here are some links to things I've been reading or watching that you might also enjoy:

1. 'Political Ideology in Australia: The Distinctiveness of a Benthamite Society', a 1985 article by Hugh Collins.

2. When did colonists in Australia start thinking of themselves as Australian? If you read Charles Darwin's Beagle diary: at least as early as 1836.

3. 'Interstellar Transport', an article by Freeman Dyson for the October 1968 edition of Physics Today.

4. 'Japan's population falls by record 644,000 to 125.5 million in 2021', a recent Kyodo News article.

5. Alarmism watch.

6. The conclusion of Robert Gordon and Erik Brynjolfsson's Pairagraph debate.

7. 'Now You Can Dial', a video from AT&T's archives, originally created to help customers switch from relying on telephone operators to using a rotary phones themselves.

Have a great weekend,