Weekend Reading & Selected Links

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Happy weekend! Here are some links to things I've been reading or watching that you might also enjoy:

1. Issue 6 of The Podcast Reader is now available. Purchase a copy here.

2. 'Eight centuries of global real interest rates, R-G, and the ‘suprasecular’ decline, 1311–2018', a Bank of England working paper by Paul Schmelzing.

3. 'Astronomical Waste: The Opportunity Cost of Delayed Technological Development', a 2003 article by Nick Bostrom.

4. 'What Does Matter? The Case for Killing the Trolley Problem (Or Letting it Die)', a 2011 working paper by Barbara Fried.

5. My 2018 question to the ABC's Q+A panel, which included Australia's now-Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Have a great weekend,