Weekend Reading & Selected Links

1 min read

Happy weekend! Here are some links to things I've been reading or listening to that you might also enjoy:

1. Radio Bostrom, a deep dive into Nick Bostrom's ideas.

2. 'Can't We All Be More Like Scandinavians? Asymmetric Growth and Institutions in an Interdependent World', a 2013 paper by Daron Acemoglu, James Robinson and Thierry Verdier.

3. 'A More Dynamic Economy', a transcript of friend of the pod and former guest Andrew Leigh's 2022 FH Gruen Lecture (or listen here).

4. 'A portrait of philosopher Karl Popper', an enjoyable ABC Radio National broadcast from 2013.

5. 'An A.I.-Generated Picture Won an Art Prize. Artists Aren’t Happy.', a recent New York Times article by Kevin Roose. And here is the picture:

Have a great weekend,