Weekend Reading & Selected Links

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Happy weekend! Here are some links to things I've been reading or watching to that you might also enjoy:

1. Turn Every Page – The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb. I paid the six dollars or whatever it was to rent it on Apple TV. Really, really good. Nice instantiations of Coase and of 'instrumental intimacy' in dyads, too.

2. 'India official drains entire dam to retrieve phone'. Via friend of the pod Willie Dalrymple. File under 'only in India'.

3. 'Taming the stars', an article by John Meyers for the new Works in Progress issue.

4. Octopolis and Octlantis.

5. The Economist interviews Henry Kissinger on the eve of his 100th birthday.

6. The University of Chicago offers a 4-year online course on the Great Books. (Via former guest Andy Matuschak.)

Have a great weekend,