38th Selected Links

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Happy weekend! Here are some links to things I've been reading, perusing or doing that you might enjoy:

1.This morning I was on ABC Radio Hobart talking aboutThe Podcast Reader. You can listen here (you'll have to skip to 2:35:40).

2. The Science of Conjecture: Evidence and Probability before Pascal, a fabulous book by Aussie philosopher and mathematician James Franklin. First published in 2001, I discovered it only recently.

3. Remember Australia's trade deficit? Neither do I. (Chart below, via The Daily Shot.)

4. 'Inner Workings: Reeling in answers to the “freshwater fish paradox”', an article by Amy McDermott. Herein lies the 'paradox': 97% of Earth’s water is in the sea, and only 0.0093% in habitable freshwater, yet there is an even split of fish species between the marine and freshwater worlds. Why?

5. 'Antitrust: What Went Wrong and How to Fix It', a recent article by Berkeley Professor Carl Shapiro.

6. The greatest ever portrait of a mango? A 1780 Mughal painting (below) kept in the Sir John Soane Museum. It comes via friend of the pod and this week's guest William Dalrymple.

7. Friedrich Hayek’s speech at the Nobel Banquet(1974). In the short speech he famously says, "I must confess that if I had been consulted whether to establish a Nobel Prize in economics, I should have decidedly advised against it."

8. 'The 2000s Housing Cycle With 2020 Hindsight: A Neo-Kindlebergerian View', a new paper by Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Adam Guren and Timothy McQuade.

9. 'Nick Bostrom—An Introductory Reader', a great introduction to the ideas of philosopher Nick Bostrom, by Peter Hartree.

Finally, I’m working with a developer to improve my website, especially the episodes archive. If you have any feedback, suggestions or improvements you'd like to see, please let me know on or before the 15th of September.

Have a great weekend,