Weekend Reading & Selected Links

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Happy weekend! (Or Monday, depending on where you live.) This weekend's newsletter is a little late, as I'm on the road in Texas and my cellular connection leaves a bit (or many bits) to be desired—but not even T-Mobile can stand in the way of my unbroken 83-week weekly newsletter hot-streak.

Here are some links to things I've been reading that you might also enjoy:

1. 'Peter Thiel on the dangers of progress', a recent UnHerd interview by Mary Harrington.

2. 'This Pioneering Economist Says Our Obsession With Growth Must End', a recent New York Times interview by David Marchese.

3. 'Why America Can’t Build', a recent Palladium article by Brian Balkus.

4. 'Real peer review has never been tried', a recent Works in Progress article by Saloni Dattani.

5. 'The Truth About The New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Lists', a 2016 Observer article by Tim Grahl.

6. 10 of the most visually appealing websites (you've never seen).

7. How is the LHC not an absolute disaster?

8. 'The Allocation of Talent: Implications for Growth', the classic paper by Kevin Murphy, Andrei Shleifer and Robert Vishny.

9. The syllabus for the Institute for Progress's new 'Economics of Ideas, Science and Innovation' course.

10. 'Inside Saudi Arabia’s Plan to Build a Skyscraper That Stretches for 75 Miles', a recent Wall Street Journal article by Rory Jones.

11. Some things Nat Friedman believes.

12. Some core assumptions of effective altruism, according to friend of the pod Peter Hartree.

Have a great weekend (or week),