Weekend Reading & Selected Links

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Happy weekend! Here are some links to things I've been reading or watching that you might also enjoy:

  1. The first word has been discovered in the unopened Herculaneum scroll.
  2. 'What is an Emergency? The Case for Rapid Malaria Vaccination', a new MR post by Alex Tabarrok.
  3. Friend of the pod and former guest David Tuckett's Bielefeld lecture on 'How People Make Decisions in the Face of Radical Uncertainty'.
  4. 'What You Should Know About Megaprojects and Why: An Overview', Bent Flyvbjerg's 2014 article which recently won the PMJ's 'Most cited paper of the last 10 years' award.
  5. 'Demanding the morally demanding: Experimental evidence on the effects of moral arguments and moral demandingness on charitable giving', a paper by Ben Grodeck and Phil Schoenegger. Via friend of the pod Ben himself. Relevant to the discussion of the '10% recommendation' in my recent podcast with Peter Singer.
  6. Jaan Tallin's latest thoughts on x-risk.
  7. 'Melbourne's Missing Middle', a recent report by YIMBY Melbourne.
  8. 'Lessons from Israel's Wars in Gaza', a 2017 RAND research brief.

Have a great weekend,‌