#107: The Roaring Twenties And The Birth Of Consumer Credit — Martha Olney

Martha Olney is an economist and Teaching Professor in Berkeley’s Economics Department.

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Topics discussed

  • How did Martha become interested in the history of consumer credit? 3:28
  • The birth of consumer credit. 6:54
  • How consumer credit companies and advertisers midwifed a change in cultural attitudes regarding borrowing. 16:41
  • What is the relationship between the increase in inequality and the rise in consumer credit during the 1920s? 31:34
  • Political elites in the Great Depression versus the Great Recession. 47:35
  • How did studying the 1920s prepare Martha for the Great Recession? 54:58
  • If private debt is capitalism’s Achilles Heel, what should we do about it? 57:54

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