#80: The Untold Tale of How One Ruthless Company Subjugated a Subcontinent — William Dalrymple

William Dalrymple is an acclaimed historian and travel writer. He lives nine months of the year on a goat farm outside of Delhi.

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  • How does William look back at his ten years at Ampleforth College where he went to school? 5:49
  • How did William find himself in Delhi just two months before his nineteenth birthday? 11:38
  • How has Delhi changed since William first met the city in 1984? 17:28
  • William’s big travel journey while at university, where he retraced Marco Polo’s steps from Jerusalem to Kubla Khan’s palace. 18:35
  • Romance of the road. 28:38
  • Why did The Anarchy take so long to write? 30:44
  • How was the British East India Company born and how did it subjugate India? 34:57
  • What are the benefits of “narrative history”? 55:00
  • What is William’s process for writing a book? 1:06:00
  • What is the modern lesson we should take from The Anarchy? 1:09:30

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