#81: How To Build A Future More Like Star Trek Than Terminator – Andrew Leigh

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#81: How To Build A Future More Like Star Trek Than Terminator – Andrew Leigh

Dr Andrew Leigh MP is a member of the Australian federal parliament. He is currently Labor’s Shadow Assistant Minister for Treasury and Charities.

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  • What piece of advice would Andrew give to his teenage self? 1:44
  • What’s one thing Andrew used to believe but no longer does? 3:00
  • When is Andrew most happy? 4:58
  • What is the most important thing Andrew does to stay healthy? 7:11
  • Does Andrew have any guilty pleasures? 7:22
  • Which person or experience has most shaped Andrew’s view of living an ethical life? 9:31
  • What’s one thing Andrew holds to be true that very few other people believe? 10:20
  • How does Andrew remain resilient in dark moments? 12:47
  • Does Andrew regret not studying a quantitative degree undergraduate? 15:41
  • Can we have both equality and innovation? 18:06
  • Knightian uncertainty. 23:13
  • Why is the future radically uncertain? 26:04
  • Will the future keep getting better or have we already picked all the low-hanging fruit of technology? 33:00
  • Combinatorial explosions. 35:55
  • What is the optimal patent system? 38:46
  • Why has Western productivity growth slowed since the 1970s? 41:05
  • What is “creative destruction” and how should policy-makers handle it? 44:27
  • Is Andrew worried about existential risks posed by Artificial General Intelligence? 46:31
  • Is there a link between housing bubbles and secular stagnation? 50:07
  • How confident is Andrew that the West will solve its productivity growth challenges in the next 5 to 10 years? 53:52