#103: A Labor Intellectual’s Plan To Rebraid Our Frayed Social Fabric — Andrew Leigh

Dr Andrew Leigh MP is an economist and Federal Labor parliamentarian.

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Topics discussed

  • What has Andrew’s experience of the pandemic been like? 7:54
  • Andrew’s vision for Australian society. 9:40
  • What was it like to work under Robert Putnam? 12:27
  • What are some of the big lessons Andrew learned from Putnam? 15:00
  • What is Andrew’s research system? 17:43
  • What is ‘social capital’? 18:12
  • What is the story of the decline of social capital in Australia? 19:24
  • Pushing back on the idea of social capital. 21:17
  • Andrew’s favourite examples of social entrepreneurship in Australia. 29:00
  • Has the net effect of the digital world been to connect or disconnect us? 31:38
  • Why are some organisations better at building social capital than others? 35:07
  • How does Andrew think about religion? 36:40
  • How can we increase social capital by using systems or design thinking? 41:37
  • What impactful community organisation is no one building? 44:05

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