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#60: On Recessions – Andrew Charlton

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#60: On Recessions – Andrew Charlton

Andrew Charlton is a Rhodes Scholar, economist, and author. From 2008-10, in his late twenties, he was senior economic adviser to then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, helping to steer Australia through the Global Financial Crisis.

Joe and Andrew discuss the human costs of recessions, Australia’s unbroken record of economic growth, and for how long this can continue.

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Topics discussed

  • Australia’s historic record of unbroken growth. [2:00]
  • The “twin jet engines” that keep the economy soaring. [2:40]
  • What would it take to end Australia’s continuous growth? [5:43]
  • The human costs of recession – jobs and path dependency. [7:09]
  • The power of ‘slow urgency’. [9:08]
  • Is the housing market headed for a crash? [11:25]
  • Is Andrew concerned about mortgage fraud? [13:47]
  • How can Australia continue its prosperity into the future? [15:25]