#62: The Evolution Of Bret Weinstein

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#62: The Evolution Of Bret Weinstein

Bret Weinstein came to public prominence as the professor at the centre of the 2017 Evergreen State College protests. He is a well-known member of the “Intellectual Dark Web”.

This episode isn’t about any of that, for Bret’s main trade is evolutionary biology. Joe and Bret discuss his journey as a thinker in this field, and the ideas that define his evolutionary toolkit. They also address the two controversial issues of group selection and the evolution of religion.

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Topics discussed

  • What was special about Bret and his brother Eric’s upbringing that made them independently successful? [9:22]
  • How would Bret design a curriculum to homeschool a teenager? [18:28]
  • What was the moment Bret first got hooked on the concept of natural selection? [23:35]
  • Bret’s college journey. [27:52]
  • What is Darwinian natural selection and what are its four prerequisites? [33:00]
  • What was Bret’s emotional reaction to the gene-centred view of evolution? [41:45]
  • How did something as perfect and complex as the tail of the Iranian spider-tailed horned viper evolve? [47:11]
  • How does natural selection explain altruism? [53:19]
  • Who is Bob Trivers, one of Bret’s most important mentors? [1:01:21]
  • What is the theory of “reciprocal altruism”? [1:05:31]
  • Who was Dick Alexander, Bret’s other mentor, and was his impact on Bret? [1:07:15]
  • Why did Bret find formal education so traumatic? [1:20:41]
  • Are there any evolutionary concepts that have improved Bret’s relationship with his wife Heather? [1:26:29]
  • How did religion evolve? [1:31:35]
  • Was Bret making a group-selectionist argument in his debate with Richard Dawkins? [1:47:19]
  • Why does Bret think religion is an adaption? [1:55:21]
  • Why does Bret think humanity needs to take evolution from “autopilot and into our own hands”? [1:59:04]
  • What does Bret see as his role going forward — will he remain a “Professor in exile”? [2:01:00]