#85: The Evolution Of A Renegade – David Sloan Wilson

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#85: The Evolution Of A Renegade – David Sloan Wilson

David Sloan Wilson is an evolutionary biologist.

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Topics discussed

  • Does Dave actually enjoy his father’s books? 15:21
  • How did Dave’s father’s fame affect Dave as a child? 17:50
  • Dave’s relationship with his mother. 21:17
  • Is Dave an atheist? 23:10
  • The benefits of boarding school. 23:53
  • Where did Dave first encounter the theory of evolution by natural selection? 29:16
  • The three ingredients for natural selection. 32:32
  • Are natural selection and evolution synonymous? 33:33
  • Life-changing books Dave read while at college. 38:30
  • What Dave learned from studying zooplankton. 39:36
  • A crash course in group selection. 42:46
  • Why did group selection fall out of favour? 1:03:16
  • Dave’s crusade to revive group selection. 1:19:23
  • What is altruism? 1:27:14
  • How does selfish gene theory explain altruism? 1:34:05
  • How does Dave define groups? 1:50:57
  • The averaging fallacy. 1:55:10
  • Are groups “replicators” or “vehicles”? 1:57:50
  • Is “shared intentionality” evidence for group selection? 2:03:24
  • What accounts for Richard Dawkins’ outsized influence? 2:09:18
  • What is religion? 2:13:48
  • Why do religions exist? 2:14:57
  • Richard Dawkins’ and Bret Weinstein’s different takes on the evolution of religion. 2:19:48
  • How did the Jewish community survive persecution by developing a belief in the afterlife? 2:37:38
  • Dave’s shift to reforming communities in the real world. 2:42:20
  • Elinor Ostrom’s core design principles, and how public policy can benefit from evolutionary thinking. 2:52:57
  • Social Baseline Theory. 2:56:40