#84: The Intellectual Wild South – Eric Weinstein

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#84: The Intellectual Wild South – Eric Weinstein

Eric Weinstein is a mathematician and the Managing Director of Thiel Capital.

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Topics discussed

  • What did Eric learn from his grandfather Harry Rubin? 12:05
  • How did Eric struggle with maths at school but go on to complete a Ph.D. in mathematical physics at Harvard University? 18:05
  • Eric’s adventures in finance. 21:16
  • What did Eric learn from the Global Financial Crisis? #holdthegold 30:25
  • What is Nassim Taleb’s Twitter strategy? 32:25
  • The time Eric met Jeffrey Epstein. 35:23
  • Lessons in physics and a taxonomy of theories of everything. 47:01
  • How the String Theory community “fucked up”. 59:43
  • When Eric presented his theory of everything, Geometric Unity, at Oxford University. 1:06:27
  • What’s it like working for and with Peter Thiel? 1:18:28
  • Why did Thiel support Donald Trump for President? 1:23:30
  • Eric’s work at Thiel Capital. 1:32:25
  • Australia and building The Intellectual Wild South. 1:38:22
  • Why has Western productivity growth stagnated? 2:10:10
  • How does the global economy keep growing sustainably? 2:23:55
  • Understanding ISIS execution videos. 2:30:25
  • What does Eric think of Sam Harris’s thesis in The Moral Landscape? 2:32:49
  • Has Eric learned anything new from his The Portal guests?
  • How to raise children. 2:39:39
  • Standing up to the mob. 2:42:02
  • Rewards that await courageous contrarians. 2:48:31