#78: Lifting the Veil on Sydney’s Crime and Skulduggery — Kate McClymont

Kate McClymont is Australia’s most awarded journalist. An investigative reporter at The Sydney Morning Herald, she is famous for exposing some of Sydney’s most scandalous stories of crime and corruption.

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Topics discussed

  • Dealing with death threats. 2:24
  • How Kate got her start in journalism by busking in Kings Cross. 4:23
  • How much skulduggery really lurks beneath Sydney’s polite veneer? 7:38
  • How do bikies profit from mortgage fraud? 10:52
  • Where is the most corruption found in Sydney? 12:53
  • The first death threat Kate ever received. 14:38
  • Phone-tappings. 17:59
  • The curious character of Michael McGurk. 19:14
  • The murder of Michael McGurk. 40:26
  • When a jockey spat on Kate’s leg outside court. 52:45
  • Exposing corruption at the Health Services Union. 56:15
  • Spotting sociopaths. 1:03:46
  • Paul Keating’s zinger about Kate. 1:11:10

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