#89: How An Italian Town Conquered Coronavirus – Andrea Crisanti

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#89: How An Italian Town Conquered Coronavirus – Andrea Crisanti

Andrea Crisanti is a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Padua. He is part of the research team that eradicated coronavirus in Vo, a town in northern Italy.

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Topics discussed

  • The Italian crisis. 8:22
  • Why has Lombardy become an epicentre of coronavirus? 9:50
  • How does the situation in Veneto compare to that in Lombardy? 11:06
  • How did Andrea become involved in the Vo experiment? 11:51
  • What is the process for identifying infection people in Veneto? 17:20
  • What is the R0 for asymptomatic people? 20:25
  • What is the strategy employed at Vo? 24:32
  • Is there still time for Australia and the US to implement the strategy used at Vo? 25:21
  • Does the Vo strategy need to be implemented in full in order to be successful? 28:05
  • Why have some Asian countries been better at controlling the virus than Western countries? 28:47
  • Is the Vo strategy scalable? 29:43
  • How should we think about the prospects of future waves of the virus? 30:34