#91: How To Put The Economy Into A Coma – Chris Edmond & Steve Hamilton

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#91: How To Put The Economy Into A Coma – Chris Edmond & Steve Hamilton

Chris Edmond and Steve Hamilton are Australian economists.

Show notes

Selected links

  • Follow Chris Edmond: Website | Twitter
  • Follow Steve Hamilton: Website | Twitter
  • ‘A Rush Back to ‘Normal’ Would Be the Blunder of the Century’, WIRED’s interview of Larry Summers
  • ‘Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions to reduce COVID-19 mortality and healthcare demand’, Imperial College London paper by Neil Ferguson et al
  • ‘How the recession we have to have can be sharp but short’, The Australian Financial Review article by Steve Hamilton and Stan Veuger
  • ‘Coronavirus: payroll subsidy will save the economy’, The Australian article by Chris Edmond and Bruce Preston

Topics discussed

  • What happens to an economy when non-essential workers are told to stay home? 9:22
  • The false choice between health and economic outcomes. 20:53
  • How long do lockdowns need to last? 36:39
  • Are Australia’s lockdowns hard enough? 43:46
  • What does pandemic-appropriate fiscal stimulus look like? 46:29
  • Is this the end of surplus fetishism? 59:45
  • JobKeeper. 1:06:44
  • Will Australia see further rounds of stimulus? 1:19:21
  • Is the financial economy healthy? 1:22:33
  • Which one piece of advice would Steve and Chris give to the Australian Government? 1:26:26