#97: Of Viruses And Vaccines – Peter Doherty

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#97: Of Viruses And Vaccines – Peter Doherty

Peter Doherty is an immunologist and winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Medicine.

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Topics discussed

  • Has Peter always not given a shit? 7:32
  • Peter’s odd high school experience. 9:00
  • How the media report on science. 12:30
  • What is the difference between a virus and a bacterium? 15:08
  • How does a new coronavirus come into existence? 17:47
  • What is Peter’s area of expertise and what does he know about pandemics? 22:57
  • What has the coronavirus pandemic taught us about the usefulness of epidemiological models? 25:20
  • The politicization of lockdowns. 35:57
  • The origins of America and Australia’s cultural differences. 47:33
  • Social media and political polarisation. 57:05
  • In weathering the pandemic relatively well, was Australia lucky or were the epidemiological models too pessimistic? 59:56
  • Can we just lockdown the vulnerable segment of the population, rather than the whole population? 1:03:52
  • Is Peter optimistic about keeping a lid on the virus until a vaccine arrives? 1:08:25
  • What do governments need to learn from the pandemic to be better prepared for the next one? 1:16:00