#90: The Price Of Uncertainty – Chris Joye

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#90: The Price Of Uncertainty – Chris Joye

Chris Joye is Founder and Co-Chief Investments Officer at Coolabah Capital Investments. He is also a Contributing Editor with The Australian Financial Review.

Show notes

Selected links

  • Follow Chris: Website | Twitter
  • ‘The RBA’s job is to back banks, not to bail out gamblers’, AFR article by Stephen Grenville
  • ‘Why a cash-splash can’t save us from the virus crisis’, The Sydney Morning Herald article by Andrew Charlton
  • ‘Peak Virus: Forecasting the Peak in COVID-19 Infections in the US and Australia’, research article by Chris Joye

Topics discussed

  • Did Chris foresee the pandemic? 5:08
  • Why were investors so slow to react to the pandemic? 9:01
  • Where did the novel coronavirus originate? 15:22
  • The probability of an early vaccine. 22:04
  • What are the domestic consequences of the coronavirus for Xi Jinping? 22:49
  • Potential antiviral treatments for COVID-19. 28:02