#95: Inside Humanity’s Infinite Improbability Drive — Matt Ridley

Matt Ridley is an author, journalist, biologist, and businessman. His books have sold over a million copies.

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  • When did Matt first come to understand the disturbing notion of selfish gene theory? 8:55
  • How did Matt, a biologist, become so interested in innovation? 16:20
  • The infinite improbability drive. 20:30
  • What’s the difference between innovation and invention? 24:05
  • What do most people (wrongly) believe about how innovation works? 25:48
  • Why innovation relies on collaboration. 33:53
  • Innovation is the child of freedom. But what amount or types of freedom are sufficient to underpin innovation? 40:35
  • Why does innovation thrive in fragmented political systems? 46:39
  • Does unfettered economic freedom tend irresistibly towards monopolies? 50:37
  • Antitrust enforcement: have we been doing enough? 1:02:44
  • The relationship between uncertainty and innovation. 1:05:58
  • Frauds and visionaries. 1:14:20
  • Uncertainty and economics. 1:15:26
  • Are we in the midst of a Great Stagnation? 1:26:40
  • Can we escape stagnation? 1:40:30

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