#93: The Doyen Of Economics Podcasting On Death, Lockdown, And The Art Of Socratic Dialogue — Russ Roberts

Russ Roberts is an economist and the host of EconTalk.

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Topics discussed

  • When and how did EconTalk begin? 8:55
  • Has interviewing over 750 people made Russ a better or more effective person? 13:59
  • How to really understand an idea. 32:00
  • What has Russ learned from Nassim Taleb? 35:43
  • The Precautionary Principle. 42:03
  • The lockdown dilemma. 48:38
  • The Precautionary Principle again. 1:11:52
  • Is Russ afraid of death? 1:18:49
  • What has Russ done to improve his craft as an interviewer? 1:27:18
  • Where was Russ born and what did his parents do? 1:48:21
  • Why did Russ study economics? 1:49:52
  • Narrative economics. 1:51:13
  • Who are the most important economists for non-economists to know? 1:57:12
  • How does Russ think about what he does? 2:02:31
  • Vipassana meditation. 2:06:26
  • When would Russ recommend economics as an undergraduate degree? 2:17:18
  • Adam Smith’s distinction between being loved and being lovely. 2:21:14

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